CNC Thread Grinding Machine

We have achieved an admirable position for ourselves in this domain by providing a quality assured collection of CNC Thread Grinding Machine. It is used to produce accurate threads in hard materials. Complete process of grinding is done by this grinder using specially dressed grinding wheels matching the shape of the threads.

During the grinding process of this machine a part (wheel) perform several types of motion comparative to one another. It rotates about its axis or moves during each rotation in a straight line a distance equal to the traverse feed and the wheel moves crossways relative to the part side.

We manufacture and supply a well-known collection of the CNC thread grinding machine that uses single thread wheels that works in one direction or in both directions. They also use multiple thread wheels that employ the through feed mode or the in feed mode with cross feed. Our experts design this machine with CNC contour wheel dressing and smart spindle is also installed in this machine that provides automatic balancing, touch dressing and part locating.

cnc thread machine manufacturer
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